Changing the World at #ABAI2016

As I get ready to head to Chicago for ABAI’s 42nd International Conference, my thoughts go to all the wonders behavior analysis can offer the world. By focusing on behaviors and its relationship with the environment, behavior analysis affords its practitioners the opportunity to work with challenges from which many other disciplines shy away.   … Continue reading Changing the World at #ABAI2016

Term of the week: Respondent conditioning

Hi everyone, This week we talk about respondent conditioning: what it is, how to use it in your practice, things to notice. Hope you'll enjoy the video.   Please make sure to share on your social media and leave us a comment. You can subscribe to this blog, and receive email notifications once a new … Continue reading Term of the week: Respondent conditioning

Training The Trainer

Two of the biggest challenges people face when trying to implement a behavioral change program are organization buy-in and staff’s adherence to the plan. Why and what can we do about it? Let’s break it down and try to understand it:  Organization buy-in: In large organizations, cultural change involves a series of small behavioral changes … Continue reading Training The Trainer

Term of the Week: Antecedent

This week Mike and I bring you a short video on the term antecedent. This was a request following last week's video on Reinforcement/Reinforcers. We hope you'll like it. Please make sure to comment, share, and request topics for next week's post. You can also watch this on YouTube by clicking here. We have a new … Continue reading Term of the Week: Antecedent