It Is Behavior Science, Not Magic

The CEO of the hospital where I used to work frequently said “I love watching you do your magic, Lili”. I often replied “It’s not magic, it’s science”, and he would look at me in disbelief and say “I think it’s you.” As flattering as the thought of being special was, I knew there nothing … Continue reading It Is Behavior Science, Not Magic

What Makes A Great Manager?

There are many qualities to a good manager: ability to deliver positive reinforcement, establish attainable and challenging goals, ability to engage and motivate, and ability to create a clear vision of the target state are a few that can readily be named. Today, I would like to discuss one particular sign of a good manager, … Continue reading What Makes A Great Manager?

So Your Direct Care Worker Is… Lazy?

It is true that one of the greatest challenges we face as behavior analysts is the commitment of those delivering the services we design. Whether you work in private therapy with kids with developmental disabilities, or at a large service delivery organization, chances are that the person designing the behavior programs and the person delivering … Continue reading So Your Direct Care Worker Is… Lazy?

Diversity and Behavior Analysis

Behavior analysis is widely used to teach atypical individuals (people with developmental disabilities, people with mental illness, people with learning disabilities) to behave as typical individuals. One can argue that is building a repertoire of socially accepted adaptive and functional behavior. This morning, I caught myself wondering: in a world so diverse, and with so … Continue reading Diversity and Behavior Analysis

What’s In Your Language?

Behavior analysts in general love technical language. I am guilty as charged—I love talking about technical terms, and once I even wrote a paper reviewing how behavior analysts use the term prompt (you can check it here), but I want to know about your everyday language. Have you thought about the implications of your language … Continue reading What’s In Your Language?

Concurrent Operants and Self-Control

My favorite graduate school professor used to say “Life is a concurrent operant.” In my early days of graduate school, I was fascinated by the use of technical language, and found poetry is this definition of life. In life, we are presented with many options, and like a pigeon in a chamber, must choose which … Continue reading Concurrent Operants and Self-Control

Gotta Catch Them All

Why is it that a smart phone game had the power to transform the behavior of so many people, seemingly overnight? The Washington Post reports that Pokemon Go led to a “population-level” surge in fitness tracker step counts"! All of a sudden, people are leaving their houses, paying attention to the places around them, and … Continue reading Gotta Catch Them All

Wouldn’t It Be Nice to Have a Boss Who Says “Good Job!” All The Time?

Well… Actually, it wouldn’t. Don’t get me wrong, having your job recognized is what everyone wants, and so do I; but there is a difference between having your efforts recognized and having a boss who says “Good job!” all the time. When your boss recognizes your effort, and acknowledges it, it has a much greater … Continue reading Wouldn’t It Be Nice to Have a Boss Who Says “Good Job!” All The Time?

What I’ve Learned During a Parent Training Session

I am very fortunate to work with very dedicated parents. This week, as I trained a parent, I had one of those “Oprah’s a-ha moments”: parents are not therapists. That is obvious, right? Yes, only we sometimes forget it when we are working with the parent. As I explained the ABC’s of behavior, the functions … Continue reading What I’ve Learned During a Parent Training Session