About Lili

Liliane Rocha is the main consultant and trainer for The Behavior Web. She is a board certified behavior analyst, who has been the director of the first team of behavior analysts employed full time at an acute psychiatric setting. She is a PMCS (Preventing and Managing Crisis Situations) trainer, certifiedprofile pic by the Office of Mental Health (OMH) in New York. She is passionate about person-centered care and she is particularly interested in antecedent control of performance, especially on interventions that may avoid challenging behavior. She has published articles in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, and Organizational Behavior Management Network. She is the author of The Behavior Web Blog. She has presented at numerous national and international conferences.

Check out some of her most recent conference presentations:

VITAL 2015

New York-Presbyterian Healthcare System- 14th Annual Quality Symposium

Here are some of her published papers:

JABA (2009), 42, 575-593

The Effects of Inter-Prompt Intervals

An Honest Mistake